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Oklahoma State University

Greg Clare

Alex Bishop


Assistant Professor
Oklahoma State University
Human Development and Family Science
440 Human Sciences
Stillwater OK 74078
Phone: 405-744-4312
Fax: 405-744-6910

Areas of Expertise

My research areas include the following areas of consumer behavior: Food Recall Consumer Response, Food Recall Message Design, Nutrition Label Design, Consumer Response to Nutrition Label Information to Improve Health, Older Consumer Behavior, Circadian Rhythms, Lighting Design and Facility Interventions to Enhance Caregiver/Client Wellbeing, Food Packaging and Lighting Design


Clare is relatively new to academia, receiving his PhD in Retailing form Michigan State University in 2012, but has over 25 years of supervisory experience involving 100-300 employees in the retail industry. His passion for people has transferred to his developing research agenda of better understanding the effects of light on humans. These effects include how consumers react to lighting in built environments and package design interactions. In addition, he studies the effects of electric lighting on human health and performance, a critical issue for reducing future healthcare costs and improving family resilience.