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Oklahoma State University

Joseph G. Grzywacz



Florida State University

Chair, Department of Family & Child Science
Norejane Hendrickson Professor
120 Convocation Way
225 Sandels Building
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1491

Areas of Expertise

Work and Family; Health Disparities; Health Behavior; Work Organization and Health; Immigrant Latino Health

Population of Interest

Racial and ethnic minority groups; families in poverty; working adults with children


Dr. Grzywacz is an interdisciplinary social scientist whose research focuses on human health, both the absence of illness or morbidity and the presence of human thriving. The primary focus of his research program is the health-implications of everyday work and family life. With over 10 years of ongoing support from the National Institutes of Health, he has studied the structural and psychosocial aspects of work and family that pose direct health threats. This focus is illustrated by research studies focused on nonstandard work schedules, flexible workplaces, and specific worker populations like immigrant workers and the "low wage" or "precarious" workforce. He is also keenly interested in the pathways through which everyday work and family circumstances contribute to human health. Previous and ongoing projects have focused on physical activity, diet and sleep. His research is increasingly focused on stress-related pathways such as dysregulation of the hormonal, metabolic or inflammation systems. The ultimate objective of this research program is the creation of programmatic or policy solutions that protect human health by eliminating socially-structured "forced choices" between work and family and, if they cannot be eliminated, that mitigates the health-consequences of these forced choices.

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