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Oklahoma State University

Human Development & Family Science - Faculty Expertise

Faculty Member Expertise Areas

Lana Beasley
Associate Professor

Qualitative and mixed-methods research
Randomized clinical trials and program evaluation
Child death review and abuse reports
Facilitating relationships with field and state agencies
Managing large databases
Creating reports for funding agencies
Home visiting programs serving high-risk populations

Alex Bishop
Associate Professor

Subjective well-being
Religiosity and spirituality
Aging in prison

Matt Brosi
Associate Professor/Masonic Chair for Interdisciplinary Research

Couple and family therapy training processes
Mediation/alternative dispute resolution
Co-parenting through divorce
Intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and resilience-based treatment processes

Cindy Clampet
Assistant State Specialist - Family Resource Management

Family finance issues
Consumer credit issues
Employability skills.

Gretchen Cole Lade
Assistant Professor

Family and school collaboration
Assistive technology

Marie Collins
Teaching Instructor

Early childhood education, differentiation

Ron Cox
Associate Professor/GKFF Chair in Family Resilience

Formation of risk and resilience factors
Substance abuse, dropout, team pregnancy and externalizing behaviors
Co-parenting among divorcing or separating couples with a child
Program evaluation and intervention designs
Methodological strategies
Latino youth and families
Prevention science

Michael Criss
Associate Professor

Children's relationships with parents, siblings, and peers
Developmental change in parenting and children's interpersonal relationships
Antecedents of antisocial behavior
Child resilience

Kami Gallus
Associate Professor

Systemic dynamics and intergenerational transmission of trauma
Systemic factors of post traumatic growth and resiliency
Women's mental health and childbearing issues
Marriage and family therapy outreach and outcomes in rural settings

Brandt Gardner
Associate Professor

Approaches to the study of behavior in marital and family processes
Longitudinal study of premarital and newlywed interaction processes
Physiological correlates of marital and couple interactional processes
Proximal and distal health effects of couple communication processes
Family-of-origin influences on marital and couple relationship processes

Jennifer Hays-Grudo
Regents Professor


Nathan Hardy
Assistant Professor

The longitudinal course of healthy marriage
Change processes in couple therapy
Marriage and relationship education
Couples and diabetes

Amanda Harrist
Professor/Bryan Close Chair in Early Childhood Development

Family (parent-child, sibling, marital) interaction in early school years
Kindergarten classroom interventions to facilitate inclusive play
Psychosocial factors in childhood obesity
Social Development Lab Website

Charles Hendrix
Associate Professor

Marriage and family therapy outcomes
Training and supervision

Carolyn Henry

Families with adolescents
Family risk and resilience
Family theory
Family interaction

Laura Hubbs-Tait
Regents Professor

Parent-child relationships
Child cognitive and social competence
Head Start
Interactions among micronutrients, neurotoxicants, and parenting
Child overweight/obesity

Christine Johnson
Professor/Associate Dean Research and Graduate Studies

Marriage and marriage education
Research methodology
Program evaluation

Jennifer Jones
Assistant Professor

Services and supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families
Social and community inclusion of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities 
IDD Network Website

Robert Larzelere
Professor/Parenting Professor

Parental discipline strategies
Causal inferences from longitudinal data
Suicide risk in pre-adolescents 

Michael Merten
Professor/Director, Center for Family Resilience

Individuals and families experiencing disadvantage and extreme poverty
Latino youth development in agricultural contexts
Adolescent health trajectories
Racial disparities in health
Community and family factors predicting adolescent mental and physical health

Amanda Morris
Regents Professor/GKFF Chair in Child Development

Social and emotional development in childhood and adolescence
Emotional regulation and emotional socialization
Developmental psychopathology 
Contextual influences on psychosocial development

Child and Adolescent Development Lab Website

Sissy Osteen
Department Head/Associate Professor

Family Financial Planning
Accumulation and protection of assets
Homebuyer Education
Financial literacy

Karina Shreffler
Professor/Graduate Coordinator

Family demography
Motherhood and fatherhood
Reproductive health

Jennifer Stepp
Teaching Instructor

Instructional coaching
Early literacy

Michael Stout
Associate Professor/GKFF Chair in Family and Community Policy

Social capital
Civic engagement
Family and community policy

Amy Tate
Teaching Associate Professor

Transition to kindergarten
Early childhood education
School readiness
Early childhood policy
Developmental outcomes of children

Paula Tripp
Teaching Professor

Shortage of FACSED graduates for Cooperative Extension and secondary school positions
Home and school environmental influences on childhood obesity
Assessment of online and on-campus coursework

Isaac Washburn
Assistant Professor

Research methodology: longitudinal data analysis and mixture modeling
Program evaluation
Long-term behavior change

Ginger Welch
Teaching Associate Professor

Child neglect
Child maltreatment fatalities
Child health
Teacher/counselor training

Amy Williamson
Associate Professor/Ramona W E Paul Professor in Early Childhood

Infant mental health
Infant and toddler self-regulation
Early care and education 
Teacher-child and parent-child relationships, age birth to three
Development and well-being of ECE professionals

Stephan Wilson
Regents Professor/Dean

Adolescents and families
Cross-cultural family issues
Adolescent social competence