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Oklahoma State University

Isaac Washburn


Assistant Professor

320 Human Sciences
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405-744-3683
Fax: 405-744-6344


Degree Institution Area of Study
Ph.D. Oregon State University, Corvallis OR Human Development and Family Science
M.S. Oregon State University, Corvallis OR Human Development and Family Science
B.S. Brigham Young University, Provo UT Economics


Research Methods: Longitudinal Data Analysis and Mixture Modeling. Program Evaluation. Long Term Behavior Change.


  • Henry, C. S., Bámaca-Colbert, M. Y., Liu, C., Plunkett, S. W., Kern, B. L., Behnke, A. O., & Washburn, I. J. (2018). Parenting behaviors, neighborhood quality, and substance use in 9th and 10th grade Latino males.Journal of Child and Family Studies, 27(12), 4103-4115. doi:10.1007/s10826-018-1224-z

  • Acock, A. & Washburn, I. J.   (2013). Quantitative Methodology for Family Science. In G. W. Peterson & K. R. Bush (Eds.) Handbook of Marriage and the Family (3rd ed.). New York: Springer.
  • Capaldi, D. M., Feingold, A., Kim, H. K., Yoerger, K., & Washburn, I. J. (2013). Heterogeneity in growth and desistance of alcohol use for men in their 20s: prediction from early risk factors and association with treatment.Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 37 (Suppl s1), E347–E355.
  • Kim, H. K., Teberio, S., & Washburn, I. J. (2013). Growth of Men’s Alcohol Use in Early Adulthood: Intimate Partners’ Influence. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.
  • Lambert, N. M., Gwinn, A. M., Baumeister, R. F., Strachman, A., Washburn, I. J., Gable, S. L., & Fincham, F. D. (2013). A boost of positive affect: The perks of sharing positive experiences. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 30(1), 24-43.
  • Snyder, F. J., Acock, A. C., Vuchinich, S., Beets, M. W., Washburn, I. J., & Flay, B. R. (2013). Preventing negative behaviors among elementary-school students through enhancing students' social-emotional and character development. American Journal of Health Promotion, 28(1), 50-58. doi: 10.4278/ajhp.120419-QUAN-207
  • Washburn, I. J. & Capaldi, D. M.   (2013). Influences on Boys’ Marijuana Use in High School: A Two-Part Random Intercept Growth Model. Journal of Research on Adolescence.
  • Snyder, F. J., Vuchinich, S., Acock, A., Washburn, I. J., & Flay, B. R. (2012). Improving elementary school quality through the use of a social?emotional and character development program: A matched-pair, cluster-randomized, controlled trial in Hawai’i. Journal of School Health, 82(1), 11-20.
  • Washburn, I. J., Acock, A., Vuchinich, S., Snyder, F. J., Li, K. K., Ji, P., & et al (2011). Effects of a Social-Emotional and Character Development Program on the Trajectory of Behaviors Associated with Social-Emotional and Character Development: Findings from Three Randomized Trials. Prevention Science, 12, 314-323.

Courses Taught

Structural Equation Modeling HDFS  6163

Professional Memberships

  • National Council on Family Relations Society for Research in Child Development