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Oklahoma State University

Martha Isabel Zapata


Research Scientist

700 N Greenwood Ave., MH-1116
Tulsa, OK 74106
Phone: 918-594-8469
Fax: 918-594-8558


Degree Institution Area of Study
Ph.D. Oklahoma State University, Tulsa, Oklahoma Human Development and Family Science
M.A. The University of Oklahoma, Tulsa Organizational Dynamics
B.S. Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia Psychology


As an evaluator, I have been the co-investigator in a number of research projects aimed at evaluating the implementation, outcomes, and impact of early childhood and parenting programs. As a researcher, I have been the principal investigator in studies that have examined contextual factors contributing to the health of Latinos living in the United States and Colombia. Funders of the research and evaluation projects of which I have been part include the National Institutes of Health, the George Kaiser Family Foundation, the Opportunity Institute (Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, and Sing), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Legacy for ChildrenTM).


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Zapata Roblyer, M., Morris, A., *Gosnell, T., Liévano-Hess, A., *McNeill K., & *Musapeta, C.  (2017, April). Demographic variables associated with attitudes and behaviors towards talking, reading, and singing to children 0-3.  Poster presented at the Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, Austin, TX.

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