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Oklahoma State University

Matthew Brosi


Associate Professor; MFT faculty member; Masonic Chair for Interdisciplinary Research

101C Human Sciences West
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405-744-3633
Fax: 405-744-6344


Degree Institution Area of Study
Ph.D. Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI Family & Child Ecology / Marriage & Family Therapy
M.S. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR Human Development & Family Science
B.S. Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO Psychology


The unifying theme of my research, teaching, and extension/engagement is heavily centered on fatherhood/men’s issues, co-parenting, divorce, and remarriage/step-family formation, as well as the development of brief interventions addressing parenting issues. My work has a strong applied element—either working in the field of marriage and family therapy or working to develop resiliency-based treatment approaches for families dealing with conflict or improving the family therapy training processes. I have published numerous research papers and have presented at national conferences on topics pertaining to fatherhood, co-parenting, family conflict, domestic violence, and sexual assault. My appointment at OSU also includes both administrative and outreach titles. I serve as Program Coordinator for the marriage and family therapy program and hold a joint appointment with the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service as a Marriage and Family State Specialist. As a State Specialist, I have been directly involved in co-developing the Co-parenting for Resilience (for divorcing parents) program for Oklahoma Cooperative Extension and center much of my outreach work in the area of divorce, remarriage, step-family formation as well as mental health and well-being. I currently teach courses on ethics and professionalism, human sexuality, counseling skills, and practicum at the graduate level and introduction to MFT at the undergraduate level. I provide certification training in PREPARE/ENRICH within the MFT program and train both Extension Educators and graduate students in the Co-parenting for Resilience program. I also serve on the Oklahoma State Board of Behavioral Health Licensure, the regulatory body overseeing licensure for LMFT’s, LPC’s and LBP’s.


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  • Foubert, J., Brosi, M.W., Fuqua, D., & Watson, A. (2015). Precursors to conversion: Catalytic experiences of born again Christian college students.  Growth: Journal of the Association for Christians in Student Development14(1), 2-15.
  • Bannon, R. S., Brosi, M.W., & Foubert, J. D. (2013). Sorority women's and fraternity men's rape myth acceptance and bystander intervention attitudes. Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 50(1), 72-87. doi: 10.1515/jsarp-2013-0005.
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  • Morgan, M., Brosi, W.A., & Brosi, M.W. (2011). Restorying older adults' narratives about self and substance abuse.American Journal of Family Therapy, 39(5), 444-455. doi: 10.1080/01926187.2011.560784.
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  • Rolling, E. & Brosi, M.W.   (2009). A multi-leveled and integrated approach to treating intimate partner violence.Journal of Family Violence, DOI: 10.1007/s10896-009-9286-8.
  • Brosi, M.W. & Rolling, E.   (2007). The effect of value conflicts on therapists' work with abusive clients: Implications for the integration of feminist tenets. Journal of Feminist Family Therapy, 19(2).
  • Brosi, M.W. & Carolan, M.T.   (2006). Therapist response to clients' partner abuse: Implications for training and development of Marriage and Family Therapists, Contemporary Family Therapy, 28, 111-130.
  • Brosi, M.W. & Brosi, W.A.   (2002). Why not avoid a trial whenever you can? Special edition: An alternative dispute resolution for divorce Michigan Family Law Journal, 28-29.
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Courses Taught

Human Sexuality HDFS  5583
Pre-practicum Skills in MFT HDFS  5602
Professionalism and Ethics in MFT HDFS  5663
Practicum in Marriage and Family Therapy HDFS  5690


  • Oklahoma State University, College of Human Sciences, Overcoming Barriers to Behavioral Outcome Adoption. Utilizing Innovative Resources within Co-parenting Programs to Increase Post-Divorce Father Involvement. Matthew Brosi (PI). Oklahoma State University. (2016-2017, $5,000).
  • United States Department of Agriculture, Oklahoma Agriculture Experiment Station Project. Fostering Resilience in Parents and Children that Experience Divorce. Matthew Brosi (PI); Ronald Cox & Robert Larzelere (Consultants). Oklahoma State University. (2014-2016, $75,646).
  • Administrative Office of the Courts, Alternative Dispute Resolution System of the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Early Settlement North Conflict Resolution Program. Matthew Brosi, Principal Investigator. (2013-2014, $78,580).
  • Oklahoma State University, Department of Human Development and Family Science Endowed Parenting Professorship Seed Grand. Longitudinal Assessment of the Co-parenting for Resilience Program. Ron Cox and Matthew Brosi, Co-Pis. (2013-2014, $10,000).
  • Administrative Office of the Courts, Alternative Dispute Resolution System of the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Early Settlement North Conflict Resolution Program. Matthew Brosi, Principal Investigator. (2012-2013, $80,188).
  • United States Department of Agriculture, Oklahoma Agriculture Experiment Station Project. Conflict management and positive parenting intervention study. Amanda Morris (PI) and Co-PI’s Matthew Brosi, Carolyn Henry, and Michael Merten, Oklahoma State University. (September 2007- August 2009; $90,520).

Professional Memberships

  • American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
  • National Council on Family Relations
  • Oklahoma Association of Marriage and Family Therapy