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Oklahoma State University

Early Childhood Education – Dual B.S. & Master of Science

This program is offered on the Stillwater campus only.


The M.S. specialization in Early Childhood Education emphasizes child development as the foundation for the study and practice of professional education for children birth through age eight. To help students gain a strong understanding of how theory and research inform classroom and professional practice students take courses in theoretical foundations, learning environments, observation, and assessment. Students also complete a field experience in early childhood education as part of the degree program.

This program is designed for undergraduate students seeking both the B.S. and M.S. specializing in Early Childhood Education prior to entering the profession of early childhood education. The program is designed to be completed in 5 years, including two summers.

Admission to the Dual B.S./M.S. option in Early Childhood Education requires that students apply to the M.S. program during the third year of undergraduate study. Students concurrently take graduate and undergraduate courses during the fourth year and complete the Dual B.S./M.S. program in approximately 5 years.

Career and Educational Opportunities

The Dual BS/M.S. specialization in Early Childhood Education prepares graduates for careers including:

  • Child, Family, and Educational Advocate
  • Early Childhood Consultant
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Administration and Evaluation
  • State Agencies
  • Early Childhood Teacher Educator
  • Early Childhood Classroom Teacher

Degree Requirements

Students complete both the BS and MS degrees with 151 credit hours of credit (121 undergraduate and 30 graduate) in either the thesis or final report plans.

Undergraduate Courses (121 credit hours)

Graduate Courses (30 credit hours)

HDFS 5133: Research Methods
REMS 5953: Elementary Statistics
HDFS 5253: Social and Emotional Development:  Theory and Research


HDFS 5293: Developmental Contexts of Normative Behavior Problems
HDFS 5523: Family Theory


HDFS 5513: Issues in Family Science
HDFS 5323:  Issues in Early Childhood Education*
HDFS 5333: Early Childhood Education History and Theory*

HDFS 5343: Assessment and Observation in Early Childhood Education*
HDFS 5363: Curriculum in Early Childhood Education*

Three additional credit hours of graduate credit in HDFS or related area for students in the final report plan [requires MS Advisory Committee Approval]
Individual Research or Final Report (3 semester hrs. for final report, 6 semester hrs. for thesis) [requires MS Advisory Committee Approval]

  • For students in the thesis plan
    • HDFS 5000 – Master’s Thesis (6 hours)
  • For students in the final report plan
    • HDFS 5110 – Directed Study in HDFS (3 hours)