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Oklahoma State University

Past Projects

The Oklahoma Infant Mental Health Survey 
This measure was designed by IBEaR researchers to assess the general public’s awareness of infant mental health, knowledge of child
development, and beliefs about responsive caregiving for infants and toddlers, and people’s beliefs about child care providers’ role in infant mental health. We piloted the measure nationally with the general public (a sample of 1027 individuals) and also included a subsample of early childhood professionals (a sample of 199 individuals).
An additional goal was to identify demographic and well-being characteristics associated with participant responses. Thus, the survey also included measures of depression,
adverse childhood experiences, protective childhood experiences, mindfulness, and attachment.
Several posters from these data were presented by the IBEaR team at the
World Association for Infant Mental Health Congress in Prague, Czech Republic in May 2016 and manuscripts are forthcoming.


Click this link for a copy of the Oklahoma Infant Mental Health Survey