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Oklahoma State University

The Juntos Program



To take a survey select on of the links below: 

For CIRCA YT3-English click here.

Survey YT4 in English for youth in the Juntos CIRCA project

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The Juntos Program

Brings parents, youth and communities together to help youth succeed in high school and pursue a higher education.


Our Mission

The mission of the Juntos (Together) Program is for students to achieve high school graduation and promote higher education.

How Does It Work

The Juntos Program provides youth and families with:

  1. a six-week program that shows Latino parents and youth how to be successful in U.S. schools;
  2. after school 4-H club activities that teach youth to be enterprising leaders, visionaries, and more;
  3. mentoring & tutoring to be academically successful.

This program is available to both English and Participant’s Comments Spanish-speaking 8th -12th grade students and their parents.


Participant's Comments

"Because of my participation in the Juntos program, I feel better able to ask for help for my child."

"Juntos has helped me a lot… I have learned to be a better leader and it kept me motivated for what I want for my future and to never give up on myself."

For More Information Contact:

Dr. Ronald B. Cox, Jr., Associate Professor: or (918) 924-5960

Carola Muñoz , Coordinador del programa: (918) 951-1904