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Oklahoma State University

The Center For Family Services


center for family services
The Center for Family Services (CFS) is the on-campus clinic for the marriage and family therapy program. The CFS includes an observation room and six therapy rooms including a conference room and a play therapy room. The clinic has state-of-the-art equipment for recording and viewing therapy sessions.


center for family sercives

"I was attracted to the clinic because of the observation room in which you can see all 5 therapy rooms. This was one part of the program that exceeded my expectations. I was able to watch therapy cases with a few people or with the whole room, so I was able to learn from others in that process."

Jenna Bolzenius, 2012 Graduate from Missouri


center for family services

“The team collaboration and observation during live therapy proved to be one of the many strengths of OSU’s MFT program. While many other schools lack an on-site clinical facility, OSU provides a unique opportunity to utilize colleagues and supervisors as mentors, offering new ideas and perspectives. Such hands-on experience has accelerated the development of my knowledge and skills.”

Heather Warfield, 2012 Graduate from Missouri


center for family services

“One thing I did not know how important it would be until I had graduated was the amount of live therapy I observed and live supervision I received. Students in some master’s programs have little to no experience observing sessions live. Before I saw my first client, I had easily observed at least 100 hours of live therapy.”

Jonathan Wilson, 2010 Graduate
Doctoral Student East Carolina University


center for family services
The CFS conference room is used for family therapy and group therapy session and also serves as a classroom for some of the marriage and family therapy courses.