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Assistantships are paid employment opportunities for graduate students that promote the professional development of the student while supporting the instruction, research, and extension efforts of programs within the College of Human Sciences.  The academic and administrative units within the college award numerous teaching and research assistantships with competitive stipends.  For graduate students in the MFT Program, assistantship appointments that are quarter-time (25%) include, in addition to the monthly stipend, full non-resident tuition waiver, full resident tuition waiver, and health insurance benefits.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs): provide services that are directly related to the teaching mission of the department/unit that employs the assistant.  The GTA has direct involvement with the students enrolled in the offered course; examples include instructing classroom courses or laboratories, grading, and general classroom/laboratory assistance to the instructor of record of the course.

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs): provide services that are directly related to the research activities of the department/unit that employs the assistant.  Examples include working on an externally-funded research project under the direction of a faculty member and research funded by the academic unit that is intended to be professionally disseminated.

Assistantship Work Effort: Assistantship appointments for graduate students in the MFT Program are quarter-time (25%) for designated time periods.  Quarter-time graduate assistants work 10 hours per week.  Time allocations may vary by assignment and department. Graduate assistants are not expected to work on officially designated University holidays.  Otherwise, they are expected to be on duty throughout the appointment period. Accepting an assistantship brings with it a professional obligation to fulfill all of the responsibilities associated with the assistantship assignment.  Included in this professional obligation is the expectation that students who have accepted an assistantship will diligently pursue their degree to completion in the department providing the assistantship.


With a .25 FTE (10 hours a week) assistantship (GTA or GRA), MFT graduate students receive:

  • full waiver of non-resident tuition.
  • full waiver of resident tuition. (Student only pays Graduate Fees/credit hour enrolled)
  • monthly stipend of $675* a month.
  • OSU subsidized health insurance. (a $642/semester value)

Cost Per Hour *

  Resident Non-Resident
Graduate Tuition 230.45 876.40
Graduate Fees 191.55 191.55
Total Per Hour 422.00 1067.95

*Based on 2018-2019 OSU Graduate College Tuition and Fees rates.

Total Cost Per Semester*

  12 hours (Fall & Spring, Year 1) 9 hours (Fall & Spring, Year 2 & 3) 6 hours (Summer, Year 1 & 2) 
Non-Resident 12815.40 9611.55 6407.70
Resident 5064.00 3798.00 2532.00
With .25 FTE Assistantship 2298.60 1723.95 1149.30

*Based on 2018-2019 OSU Graduate College Tuition and Fees rates.
To estimate semester tuition and fees, use the Bursar’s Tuition Estimator.


Each year the College of Human Sciences awards multiple scholarships and fellowships to graduate students.  Applications for these scholarships and fellowships are available in November and are due in December of each year.  Awards range from $1,000 to $5,000 and are presented during the Celebration of Excellence awards banquet in the spring.
Scholarship/ fellowship recipients must be majoring in a graduate degree program in the College of Human Sciences and currently enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours during the period of the scholarship award.  Criteria vary for each scholarship/ fellowship but usually include scholastic record (GPA), college and university leadership activities, professional goals, etc.
For more information, please see Human Sciences Scholarships for graduate students.


Human Sciences Travel Support for Graduate Students 

Modest support for graduate student travel is available from the Human Sciences Research & Graduate Studies office for attending professional meetings/conferences.  Download the Human Sciences travel request application form.

GPSGA Travel Assistance

Travel assistance is also available for current OSU graduate students through the Graduate & Professional Student Government Association.  GPSGA travel awards are meant to assist in the costs associated with travel for students presenting their own research at a state, regional, national, or international meeting/conference, etc.  For more information, please see GPSGA travel assistance.