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Oklahoma State University


MFT Faculty

Major requirements for successful completion of a Master of Science degree with an option in Marriage and Family Therapy include:

  • Completion of all required coursework with a B average or better.
  • Completion of all clinical requirements with a minimum of 500 hours of face-to-face client contact, more than half (250 hours) with couples and families.
  • Demonstration of development of the Program’s Student Learning Outcomes.
  • Completion of the thesis or non-thesis track requirements.

Students typically require an average of 2½ years (including summers) to complete their M.S. degree. A minimum of 2 years is required for degree completion.

Clinical Training

During clinical training students are required to conduct at least 500 hours of therapy, primarily with couples and families. Students receive at least 100 hours of supervision from faculty while they are in clinical training. The supervision consists of individual and group supervision. A strength of this program is the emphasis on live observation supervision.

Throughout the clinical portion of their training (a minimum of 18 months), students carry a caseload at the Center for Family Services, the MFT Program’s on campus, state of the art training clinic. The center has five therapy rooms that are fully equipped with one-way mirrors and digital recording equipment to facilitate supervision and student learning. In addition, after demonstrating clinical competence in the on-campus clinic, advanced students will be assigned an off-campus clinical placement in a community agency.

Required Coursework

Consistent with the guidelines established by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE), the curriculum includes coursework in human development, marital and family studies, marriage and family therapy, professionalism and ethics, research and statistics, and supervised practicum. Students are required to follow an organized sequence of study, in which academic and practicum coursework are integrated. Total semester hour requirement for graduation is 60 to 63 hours.

Curriculum Requirements

AREA I. Theoretical Foundations (6 hours)

HDFS 5613 Theoretical Models of Marriage and Family Therapy
HDFS 5623 Systems Theory: Applications to the Family

AREA II. Clinical Practice (12 hours)

HDFS 5603 Skills Pre-Practicum in MFT
HDFS 5633 Couples Treatment in MFT
HDFS 5643 Child & Adolescent Treatment in MFT
HDFS 5653 Psychopathology/psychopharmacology
AREA III. Individual Development and Family Relations (12 hours)
HDFS 5543 Coping with Family Crises
HDFS 5583 Human Sexuality
HDFS 5513 Family Issues
HDFS 5213 Lifespan Development


AREA IV. Professional Identity and Ethics (3 hours)

HDFS 5663 Professionalism and Ethics in Marriage and Family Therapy

Standard Curriculum Clinical Experience Requirements (15 hours)

HDFS 5690: Marriage and Family Therapy Practicum (Students will be continuously enrolled in practicum starting their second semester and each semester thereafter until they complete the 500 client contact hours requirement and until they fulfill the expected program competencies).


AREA V. Research (3 hours)

HDFS 5173: Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation in HDFS

Thesis Option (9 hours)

HDFS 5133 Research Methods
HDFS 5000 Masters Research (6 hours)

Non-Thesis Option (9 hours)

HDFS 5160 Masters Creative Component (3 hours)
Approved Electives (6 hours)