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Oklahoma State University

Seseman named 2015 Outstanding Master’s Student


 Erin Sesemann, a master’s student in the Human Development and Family Science Marriage and Family Therapy master’s program, is the 2015 College of Human Sciences Outstanding Master’s Student. Her thesis looks at the role of maternal depression and maternal self-regulation in the development of child obesity. This is novel and innovative research and stands to have an important impact on how treatment and prevention programs approach childhood obesity.

Sesemann has also sought opportunities to be involved with research other than her own so that she can develop an understanding of and skills in observational coding. Due to her professionalism and excellent clinical skills, Sesemann has been placed at the most challenging externship agency where she worked with a wide range of difficult cases, developing an outstanding reputation for herself in the field.

In addition to her research as a graduate student, Sesemann serves as one of two OSU MFT students on the Oklahoma Association for Marriage and Family Therapy student board. She has been elected as president of the OKAMFT student board for the upcoming year.