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Oklahoma State University

Child & Family Services

Students who choose our field of study may have considered other options such as sociology or psychology … even youth ministry. However, this particular major is comprehensive enough to prepare you for a broad range of careers, while serving in a field where you can creatively focus on the perfect fit for your own specific interests. The course content focuses on individual development, family dynamics and interaction, policy and law, family life education, and professional skills. Students are provided critical thinking, assessment and analytical skills, and knowledge of human behavior across the lifespan. Graduates in this field find challenging and rewarding positions throughout the nation. Graduates have increasing career opportunities in urban areas and may find professional positions in government agencies focused on “at risk” groups. Many CHFS students go on to attend graduate schools (in HDFS, therapy/counseling, social work, law school, medical school or allied health). Salaries are dependent upon specialization and individual initiative.


Health and Human Services
Developmental Clinics
Community Education/Service Agencies
Private and Corporate Child Care Programs
Head Start
Intervention Programs
Juvenile or Adult Probation and Parole
Advocacy Centers
Tribal and Government Agencies
Parent or Family Centers


Infant and Child Development
Adolescent Development in Family Contexts
Professional Skills in Human Services
Family Risk and Resilience
Family Dynamics
Relationship Development and Marriage
Policy, Law and Advocacy
Research Methods
Adulthood and Aging
Dying, Death and Bereavement
The Family: A World Perspective

National Council on Family Relations
American Counseling Association
CourtAppointed Special Advocates
International Federation of Social Workers
Child Welfare Information Gateway
Family Life Education Institute
National Association of Social Workers
American Association of Marriage and Family
Oklahoma Association for Infant Mental Health
Oklahoma Family Resource Coalition


Aging Services (AGES)
Child & Parenting Practitioner (CPP)
Early Childhood & Infant Mental Health (IMH)*
Fine Arts/Pre-Art, Pre-Music Therapy (FINE)
Health & Wellbeing (HWB)
Health Professions (HP)
Individualized Plan (IP)
International Human Services (INTL)
Policy & Law (LAW)
Pre-Marriage & Family Therapy (MFT)
Research/Graduate Studies (RES)
Pre-Social Work/Social Welfare (SWSW)
Youth & Family Ministry/Outreach (MIN)


The Child and Family Services (CHFS) degree option prepares individuals for careers in providing services and leadership to children, youth, adults and their families. 

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