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Oklahoma State University

Program Impacts

Preliminary Results:  

  • 340 students and their parents have participated in Unidos
  • 5 Junior High Schools (Nathan Hale, East Central, Edison, Will Rogers, Tulsa Met)
  • 98% of participants are very satisfied

Youth report significant increases in:

  • Their parents’ expectations for them to go to college.
  • Parental involvement in their schooling.
  • How much education they would like to complete and expect to complete
  • Self-efficacy, or confidence in their own ability to solve problems and be successful.
  • Positive attitudes toward and engagement with school.
  • Prosocial behaviors such as helping others.

Youth report significant decreases in:

  • Behavior problems in school
  • Drug use


Preliminary results suggest that Unidos is having a positive impact on youth and their parents.  Parents are more involved and their children perceive this involvement and are responding with increases in positive behaviors and decreases in negative behaviors.