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Oklahoma State University

Areas of Service

Areas of Service
The Center for Hospitality and Tourism is a platform dedicated to hospitality and tourism research and supports all areas of inquiry that directly and indirectly affect hospitality and tourism operations and management. The CHTR is designed as a forum to link cutting edge research with the critical needs and demands of the global hospitality and tourism industry and the local community.



Sample of the Services We May Provide

  • Sample of ServiceOnline email survey with a more than 19 million U.S. traveler Opt email-address database and more than 350,000 restaurant and 75,000 hotel email-address databases
  • Travelers’ Destination Selection Behavior
  • Travelers’ Perception and Satisfaction Measurement
  • Travelers’ Characteristics and Travelling, Eating and Lodging Behavior
  • Hospitality and Tourism Need Assessment and Strategic Planning
  • Hospitality Tourism Demand and Supply Modeling
  • Hospitality and Tourism Forecasting and Modeling
  • Community and Resident Attitudes Measurement
  • Economic Impact of Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • Tourism Policy, Planning and Development
  • Hotel and restaurant employees’ perception and attitude assessment

Selected studies and consultancy projects

  • Selected StudiesThe Image of Oklahoma as a Domestic Travel Destination
  • The Image of Oklahoma as an International Travel Destination
  • The Economic Impact of the Oklahoma Gaming Industry to the State of Oklahoma
     Tourism Industry
  • Trip Characteristics of Casino and Racino Visitors in Oklahoma
  • The Economic Impact of Spending by Visitors to Oklahoma State Parks
  • Statewide Inventory and Potential Development of Agritourism Businesses in Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma Restaurant Association members’ satisfaction survey
  • Annual Statistic Review of Oklahoma Tourism 2000 and 2001
  • Tourist Arrivals Projection
  • A Study of Pearl Delta Tourist Destination Image
  • The Impact of Economic Recessions on Tourism
  • The Impact of Financial Crisis on Tourism
  • The Comparative Analysis of Preferred Conference Destination
  • Tourism Shopping and Its Contributions to Local Economy
  • Travel Destination Analysis
  • Theme Park Guests Survey
  • The Projected Inbound Market Trends of 12 Tourist Destinations in Southeast Asia and the Pacific
  • Communities' and Residents' Attitudes towards Local Tourism Development
  • Cost and Benefit Analysis of Tourism Advertising
  • A Service Performance Model of Cruise Travelers’ Motivation Factors and Satisfaction
  • Travelers’ Satisfaction and Expectations towards the Hong Kong International Airport
  • A Travel Demand Model for Mainland Chinese Visitors to Hong Kong
  • The Characteristics and Satisfaction of Mainland Chinese Visitors to Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong - A Major Urban Tourism Destination in Southeast Asia
  • A Comparative Study of Hong Kong as an Urban Tourism Destination in Southeast Asia
  • The Trends of China Outbound Travel to Hong Kong and Its Implications
  • The Supply and Demand of U.S. Lodging Industry
  • The Economic and Market Feasibility Study of Galina Hotel
  • The Service Quality Gap in Hotel Industry: A Study of Tourists’ Perceptions and Expectations
  • An Analysis of Employees’ Expectations, Satisfaction Levels and Turnover in Hotel Industry
  • Attitudes toward Utilizing Older Workers in the Hotel Industry
  • Economic Interdependence and Structure of the Foodservice Industry
  • Customer Satisfaction and Expectation of Quality Service in Family Restaurant Chain
  • Customer Perception and Satisfaction towards Universities’ Catering Services
  • Customer Perceptions and Expectations Survey in Fast food Restaurant Chains
  • Determinants of Selection Attributes and Customers’ Satisfaction in Dining Selection