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Oklahoma State University

Jerrold Leong

Jerrold Leong

Assistant Professor

365 Human Sciences
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405-744-6712
Fax: 405-744-6299


Degree Institution Area of Study
Ph.D. University of Hawaii Agricultural and Resources Economics
M.S. Florida International University Hotel, Food Service, and Travel Management
M.S. University of Hawaii Agricultural and Resources Economics
B.S. Cornell University Hotel Administration
M.P.S. Cornell University Hotel Administration


My current area of interest is related to food safety and the protection of food products in the supply chain. The distribution of products and the food quality in its preservations is affecting prices of products to the foodservice operators. My area of interest is related to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty relative to attitudinal, behavioral, service failure and recovery. I have a desire to continue with aspects of leadership and its influences related to the service profit chain, service recovery, and food protection.


Jacobs-Gray, N., Hebert, P., Slevitch, L, and Leong, J.K. (2016). Exterior Lighting Applications for Safety and Security at Lodging Facilities: An American Case Study. Asian Journal of Innovative Research in Science and Engineering and Technology. March 2016, Vol. 1. Issue 2, pp 30-36. This is truly God’s grace.

Leong, Jerrold K. and Hancer, Murat (2014) Crisis Management Preparedness to Protect Food Products in a Foodservice Operation. Journal of Hospitality and Marketing and Management.23: 178-217. This is truly God’s Grace and Mercy for this manuscript to be accepted.

Shin, Yeon Ho, Hancer, Murat, Leong, Jerrold K. (2010). An Investigation of Systematic Risk Determinants in the Casino Industry. Tourism Analysis, 15:689-700.  God’s Grace

Leong, J. K. and Hancer, M. (2010). International Foodservice and Sanitation Management Curricula to Enhance Student Skills.  Journal of Hospitality and Marketing and Management, 19:137-156. This is truly God’s Grace and Mercy for this manuscript to be accepted.

Shahrim Karim and Jerrold Leong (Summer, 2008). Information Sources on Culinary Tourism for France, Italy, and Thailand. Anatolia: An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality, Volume 19, Number 1, Summer, 166-171. God’s mercy.

Hu, Shih-Ming, Leong, J. K., Kim, W. G., Ryan, W. E., and Warde, W. D. (2008). Senior Citizens’ Perceived Service Levels in Three Restaurant Sectors. Journal of Food Service Business Research, Volume 11, No. 2. pp. 202-219.

Tavitiyaman, P., Leong, J. K., Dunn, G. E., Njite, D., and Neal, D. M. (2008) The Effectiveness of Lodging Crisis Management Plans. Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality and Tourism. Volume 8, Issue 4. pp. 24-60. 
Lee, S-S, Kim, H-C. and Leong, J.K. (2006 October, Accepted). A Study of College Student’s Perception of Brand Name Foodservices. Journal of Foodservice Management and Education.

Kim, W.G., Leong, J.K., and Lee, Y.K. (2005). Effect of service orientation on job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and intention of leaving in a casual dining chain restaurant. International Journal of Hospitality Management. Volume 24 (2005), pp. 171-193.


Leong, Jerrold K. Oral Presentation: Annual Meeting of the Oklahoma Home and Community Education, Inc. Oklahoma City,   Presented the Research Titled Food Safety Practices in Oklahoma Households: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors to Reduce Foodborne Illness. Funded by the Dr. Donna Cadwalader Grant. 11 July 2016.

Almon, Winifred and Leong, Jerrold. Title: The Health Belief Model and its Effect on Diet and Exercise as a Means of Controlling Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Among Jamaican Foodservice Customers: AbstractDiabetes is a never-ending disease that affects people of the world. This study seeks to discover if foodservice customers in Jamaica perceive cultural eating habits as contributing to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. This will be revealed through customers’ awareness of how a lifestyle change can control this epidemic (Rise, 2013). Poster Presentation First Annual CHRIE Central Federation Conference, March 2016.

Wang, Yao-Chin, Shirsat, A., & Leong, J. (I-CHRIE, 2013, Poster Presentation). Storytelling Ability: Conceptual Framework and Application in the hospitality industry. Worked with the graduate students with the editing and research frame, model and presentation. Annual ICHRIE Summer Conference & Marketplace. St. Louis, Missouri, USA 24-27 July 2013.

Park, Hye Young, Jerrold K. Leong, Woo Gon Kim, (Poster Presentation). If Managers in Hotel and Restaurant Consider the Price Elasticities of Food: Comparisons of Demand for Fresh Fruits and Implications on Menu Planning. Developed in October through December 2012. Submitted for consideration at the 2013, ICHRIE Annual Conference 24-28 July 2013, St. Louis Missouri. Poster Presentation, July 2013.

Park, Hye-Young, Michael Applegate, and Jerrold Leong (January 2012) Forecasting the trend of International Travelers Inbound to Korea and a Comparison of Accuracies in Time Series Methods.17th Annual Graduate Education and Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism. January 5-7, 2012, Auburn, AL  Track: Poster Session Work submitted in October 2011.

Yang, Jin, Liu, Yu-Shan, and Leong, Jerrold K. (January 2011). A Comparative Study of Service Failure and Service Recovery Efforts Between Chain and Independent Restaurants. Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Graduate Education and Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism, Houston, Texas. Work submitted in October 2010.

Thongyim, Pataraporn and Leong, Jerrold K. (January, 2011) Segmenting the Ethnic Restaurant Market: A Test of the Moderating Effects of Restaurant Type on Attributes/Satisfaction Attributes. Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Graduate Education and Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism, Houston, Texas Work submitted in October 2010.

Research Areas:

  • Consumption of Agricultural Products
  • Food production and procurement
  • Food service management



Funded projects:

August 2015 to June 2016:
Leong, Jerrold, Brown, Barbara, and Hancer, Murat Title of Project: Food Safety Practices in Oklahoma Households: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors to Reduce Foodborne illnesses. Funded by the Donna Cadwalader Research and Development Grant, 2015-2016. I give the Lord Praise for research opportunity and this funding of $2,500.

August 2008 through June 2009:
Leong, J. K., Njite, D., Hancer, M., and Brown, B. Title: Crisis Management Plan to Protect Food Products in a Foodservice Operation.  Project Funded Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station, USDA Project Outline Development Guidelines 3 June 2008. The project is funded for the 2008-2009 Academic Year for $42,000 budget for support of a .25 FTE Master of Science graduate student, office supplies, stationery, duplicating, postage, and data analysis. This is truly God’s Mercy and Grace. The results of the study was published in January 2013.

November 2008:
Pre-Proposal for the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station Projects
Principal: Jerrold K. Leong, Ph.D.,
Collaborators: Murat Hancer, Ph.D., David Njite, Ph.D., Michelle Black, M.S., School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration, Glenn Muske, Ph.D., Design Housing and Merchandising, and Barbara Brown, Ph.D., Nutritional Sciences.
Title: Food Safety and Food Protection Challenges and Its Impact on a Foodservice Employee Sanitation Training Program and Performance
In Review Process in December) Dr. C. Johnson asked the the Department. No action taken as yet. A group of four projects will be selected in January 2009 and the full proposal will be needed. (In Review Process in December 2008)

September 2007
Economic and Social Value of Oklahoma State Park System on Local Communities and the State of Oklahoma. Funded project. Working co-principal investigators: Dr. B. Ryan, Chair, Dr. M. Hancer, Ms. H. Hoart, and Jerrold Leong are working together to survey fifteen State parks. I have contributed to the development of the draft to the Institutional Review Board, and will assist in the personal interviews with the state park managers, concessionaires, and local retail operations, foodservice, and lodging facilities. Project is in-process and will continue through December 2008. Funded Proposal: Dr. Qu: Center for Hospitality Administration Research, School of Hotel, and Restaurant Administration, The project funded the Center of Hospitality Administration Research for several projects related to the initiatives with the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department $30,000.

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Professional Food Preparation HRAD  1114
Sanitation Management in the Food Service Industry HRAD  2113
Management in the Hospitality Industry HRAD  3213
Purchasing in Hospitality and Food Service Systems HRAD  3553
Food, Deverage, and Labor Cost Controls HRAD  4333
Quality Food Production Management HRAD  4365
Integrated Capstone Seminar HRAD  4523
Institution Organization and Management HRAD  4573
Hospitality Financial Mangement HRAD  4850
Hospitality Procurement Administration HRAD  5223
Retail Management and Franchising in the Hospitality Industry HRAD  5850
Organization and Management of Food Service Systems NSCI  5343
Manpower Mangement in Health Care and Related Industries NSCI  5673


Awards & Recognition:

  • Regents Distinguished Teaching Award