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Oklahoma State University

Welcome to Hospitality Days

In 1956, School Director John J. MacAllister, best known as “Mr. Mac,” started Hospitality Days, an annual gathering planned and executed by students. The purpose of Hospitality Days remains the same today: to bring alumni back to share their experiences, to have professionals in the hospitality and tourism industry participate in a career fair and to build student appreciation for both the school and the industry. The Conference features a keynote speaker from the industry, a career fair, and an evening senior/recruiter reception. The major objective of this conference is to provide hospitality professionals, students and future business associates with a networking environment.

 Facebook Twitter Instagram   Please join us for the 2019 Hospitality Days Career Fair - February 18 and 19

Megan Annuschant
Megan Annuschat, Co-Executive
Hayden Bates
Hayden Bates, Ambassador Chair
Miranda Call
Miranda Call, Co Executive
Brittany Felts, F&B Chair


Alyssa Garner
Alyssa Garner, Industry Relations Chair
Elizabeth Godfrey
Elizabeth Godfrey, DCMP Chair
Kelly Hirschbuehler
Kelly Hirschbuehler, Finance Chair
Blaire Boatright
Blaire Boatright, Registration Chair

Not Pictured

Anastasia Karaulova, Student Ambasitor Chair