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Oklahoma State University


COHS Research and Graduate Studies Office Funding Information

Research Assistantships

Individual NSCI faculty members hire masters and doctoral students for quarter-time or half-time graduate research assistantships as research funds become available and will consider current and prospective graduate students for open positions. Students may combine a quarter-time research assistantship with a quarter-time teaching assistantship in order to be eligible for the tuition waiver. At the fall Graduate Student Orientation, faculty members review their current research which ranges across the continuum of research settings.

If interested in a research assistantship:

  1. Review information on NSCI Faculty Specializations to identify areas of interest.
  2. Review faculty profiles for the information that their publications will provide.
  3. Contact individual faculty members about their research work and available funds.
  4. Prospective students may make arrangements through the Graduate Coordinator to visit OSU and the department and talk to research faculty. Dr. Deana Hildebrand, 
  5. Applicants should be prepared to discuss their own research capabilities, interests, and experience.
  6. Note that Ph.D. applicants must identify an advisor and a funding source in order to be admitted.      

Teaching Assistantships

The department hires OSU graduate students to serve as quarter-time or half-time FTE Graduate Teaching Assistants for undergraduate courses during the fall and spring semesters. These decisions will be made by August for the current academic year. The department head makes the final decision on appointments.

Additional OSU Assistantships

NSCI graduate students may also be hired for assistantship positions in such areas as the College of Human Sciences Center for Student Success, University Health Services, Academic Services for Student Athletes, and the OSU Library.