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Oklahoma State University

OSU Policies and Procedures

OSU Policies and Procedures information comes from the OSU University Catalog which is maintained by the Office of the Registrar. Students should become familiar with and remember to consult the OSU catalog or the OSU website when they have OSU policy and procedure questions, particularly the section on University Academic Regulations. DPD policies supplement OSU policies. 

Link to electronic copy of OSU catalog which is referenced throughout this section:


OSU admission requirements for freshman, transfer students, and international students are found in the OSU catalog under "Undergraduate Admissions" and at the Office of Admissions website at:

Transfer students must have at least a 2.5 GPA to be admitted to the nutritional sciences department.


Students should consult syllabi for the attendance and tardiness policy for individual courses. This information is from the OSU Syllabus Attachment:

Class attendance is a critical component of learning; therefore, you are expected to attend and participate fully in all scheduled class meetings. Many instructors consider attendance so essential that your grade may be affected by your absence.  SOME DEPARTMENTS AND PROFESSORS HAVE MANDATORY ATTENDANCE POLICIES.  If no written attendance policy is provided before the last day to add a class without instructor permission, no penalty may be assessed for class absences although you may not be permitted to make up certain in-class activities.  If you are required to participate in official university-sponsored activities or military training you should receive an excused absence unless the written course attendance policy indicates otherwise.  If you will be absent from class for sponsored activities, you must provide prior notification of the planned absence to the instructor. You may be required to submit assignments or take examinations before the planned absence. If you must be absent from classes due to illness or other extenuating circumstances, it is your responsibility to notify instructors at the earliest possible time and determine if missed assignments can be submitted.


The Oklahoma State University tuition and fees refund policy is found in the Tuition, Fees, and Cost Estimates chapter of the OSU Catalog. 

Enrollment Guides with semester specific withdrawal dates are found at: Students who pay special attention to drop/add and withdrawal deadlines and remember that the dropped course refund period is proportional to the length of the course.


The Oklahoma State University Academic calendar is found at:
The Oklahoma State University Class Schedule book is found at: Students may access this information through Banner. The public may go to to search for courses. 


The faculty and administration of OSU take academic integrity seriously. Students should become familiar with practices that qualify as violations of academic integrity and the level of consequences for violations which may range from a zero or "F" grade to an "F!" (F Shriek) on the transcript to dismissal or suspension.  There are thirty examples of violations in the Academic Integrity Handbook. For example, helping someone else cheat is a violation. Submitting substantial portions of an assignment to more than one class without instructor permission is another. Become familiar with these violations.  OSU has a set protocol for dealing with academic integrity violations.

Faculty members may use the Turnitin software, an add-on to Desire to Learn (D2L), OSU's web-based course software to detect plagiarism.


The University Academic Regulations address topics which include Academic Suspension and Reinstatement (1.7 & 1.8), Violation of Academic Integrity (6.12), and Academic Forgiveness (6.13).

Student non-academic misconduct which warrants discipline rather than criminal action is handled through the Student Conduct  Education and Administration Office, 326 Student Union.  See the Student Code Conduct at http://studentconduct.okstate/code.


See the DPD Policies and Procedures for grievances against the DPD Program.

Procedures for Grade Appeals are found on the Division of Academic Affairs website,

Any individual who believes he/she may have experienced gender discrimination, including sexual harassment, or who believes that he/she has observed such actions taking place, may receive information and assistance regarding the University's policies and responsive processes from any of the following offices:

  1. Director of Affirmative Action / Title IX Coordinator
    408 Whitehurst Hall 405-744-5371
  2. Student Conduct Officer
    326 Student Union Building 405-744-5470
  3. Vice President of Student Affairs
    201 Whitehurst Hall 405-744-5328
  4. System Senior Vice President
    101D Whitehurst Hall 405-744-5627

If an apparent conflict of interest prevents use of the assistance of the above offices, the person complaining of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual assault may request assistance directly from the Office of the President, 107 Whitehurst Hall (405-744-6384).
From OSU Policy 1-0702 regarding Gender Discrimination/Sexual Harassment and Title IX Grievance Procedure


Students' Rights to Privacy are found in the "Registrar" chapter of the catalog or on the OSU website at


Information regarding access to personal files is found in the "Registrar" chapter of the OSU Catalog.


Office of Student Affairs
Career Services
Information Technology
Parking and Transit Services
Housing and Residential Life
University Counseling Services
Americans with Disabilities Compliance Program and Student Disability Services
University Health Services
See the Student Services chapter of the OSU Catalog.

Office of the Bursar
See the Bursar chapter of the OSU Catalog.

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid 
See the Scholarships and Financial Aid chapter of the OSU Catalog.

Academic Enrichment Programs
See the Academic Enrichment chapter of the OSU Catalog.
The Honors College
Scholar Development Office

University Assessment and Testing 
See the Special Academic Programs chapter of the OSU Catalog.