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Tips for Dietetics Students


All College of Human Sciences freshmen and sophomores and transfer students are advised by the NSCI Adviser in the Patricia Kain Knaub Center for Student Success, 101 HSCI. Juniors and seniors are assigned to an academic adviser in the department of nutritional sciences. Students should become familiar with using the STAR system at . This website may be used to schedule appointments with the advisor and to access advising documents. All dietetics students (or students who are interested in the degree) are welcome to visit with the DPD Director. To make an appointment, the student may e-mail or call 405-744-7469 and include information about possible times to meet that work with the student's schedule.


Online courses and computer resources for on-campus courses is delivered through Brightspace Desire2Learn (D2L).

Students may download free software including Microsoft Office from

Computer labs are found in 037 HSCI and 202 HSCI for student use. Printers are available without charge to students. 


The DPD Director maintains a Community for the DPD in D2L. The community is a site where announcements, resources for current students, and links to helpful sites are posted. Resources to help you apply for dietetic internships are posted in the community. To self-register in the community, log onto your D2L home page at, and select "Self-Registration" at the top of the page. Select "STW NSCI-Didactic Program in Dietetics" from the drop-down list. Then click on the commands in the lower right hand corner of the window until you are registered. Refresh your browser and the community will appear on your homepage.


Dietetics students are required to take one hour of NSCI 3440. Students will job-shadow, work, or volunteer for 40 hours anywhere in the world and complete paperwork including a paper to earn one hour of credit. Many students take this course between the junior and senior years. The course is online so that students do not have to be on campus to complete requirements. The instructor has set up a D2L Community, "STW NSCI 3440_Community", to provide guidance well in advance of the experience.

This experience calls for professionalism, including appropriate dress and appearance and confidentiality, plus current immunization records. Students will usually need a current TB test and might be asked for additional records such as a background check or drug test, depending on the site and the length of the experience.


College of Human Sciences scholarship information is found on the Human Sciences website. Consult the website for due dates and the application form. Generally, applications are due in December. Students should take note of other scholarship opportunities that occur throughout the year through OSU.

Student members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics are eligible to apply for scholarships from the A.N.D. Foundation. Applications are due on March 19.

Student members of the Academy are automatically members of their state affiliate and may apply for Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Scholarships. No recommendations are required. Applications are due in January. See for details.


If you need recommendations for scholarships, dietetic internship applications, or jobs, please give the faculty member as much lead time as possible. The faculty member may ask for your resume and/or a personal statement to aid them in writing the recommendation. Please provide information, including contact information, about the opportunity. Think “what information does this person need in order to write a strong, relevant recommendation for me?”. Ask someone who knows you well enough to provide a STRONG recommendation.  Talk to faculty members so that you aren’t just a face in the crowd. Undergraduate research opportunities are excellent opportunities for working with faculty, building positive relationships, and to enrich your education.


NSCI Club provides opportunities for networking and leadership and to promote nutrition to the campus. The club meets on the first Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. Watch for fliers.


On January 1, 2012 the American Dietetic Association became the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Students are encouraged to join the Academy. Membership gives access to many benefits, including exclusive information from the Student Member Web section and the Student Scoop, the Evidence Analysis Library, Daily News, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, free membership in the Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics or the state affiliate of their choice, and scholarship opportunities.

If you are a junior and are interested in serving as the liaison between the DPD and Academy Student Council, please let your DPD Director know. There is also an opportunity to serve at the national level as a member of the Student Council Advisory Council which involves an application process.


OkAND provides educational experiences through statewide meetings such as the two-day Spring Convention. Student members will be e-mailed about opportunities to volunteer at the convention. One OSU DPD student will represent the program on the board of the Oklahoma Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Board (OSAND). This person is appointed in the spring. Contact the DPD Director if you are interested. Your OkAND membership is free if you belong to the Academy, and you may apply for OkAND scholarships. Scholarships are presented at the Spring Convention. 


Each January the NSCI faculty nominates a senior for the Oklahoma Outstanding Dietetic Student in a DPD Award through the Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The OkAND Member Services Committee selects an award winner from the DPD applicants, and this person is recognized at the Spring Convention and in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 


NCDDA meets four times a year on the second Tuesday in February, June or July, September, and November. The meetings are held in Stillwater, Enid, Red Rock, or Ponca City. This is an opportunity to network with area dietitians.  Student dues are $5 per year. NCDDA provides a $500 scholarship each year (preference to students from the district's geographical area or OSU). Apply using the OkAND scholarship form.


The OSU Librarian assigned to the NSCI department is Steve Locy. His e-mail is, and his phone number is 405-744-3272. He can point you towards credible library resources and is the librarian most familiar with NSCI-related library holdings.


OSU students and alumni have career services and career assessments available through and through the Human Sciences Career Services Center, 101 HSCI. Dr. Brecca Farr will help you with resumes and personal statements as well as assessements. OSU Career Services, 360 Student Union, provides career exploration tools, individual advice, job bank, interview opportunities, and on-campus interviews. Watch for Career Fairs on campus. These are good opportunities to become comfortable speaking with business representatives and learn about business settings and to observe professional dress and demeanor.


NSCI students have formally participated in departmental research through Freshman Research, Wentz, Seretean, and Niblack scholarships and have competed in the Kathleen Briggs Undergraduate Scholars Forum in the spring. The Scholar Development Program at OSU is the information resource for these scholarships and for prestigious national scholarships. 

In addition, faculty members may recruit students to work on particular research projects. Students may also approach faculty members about volunteer research opportunities. Information about the research areas of Nutritional Sciences faculty is available on the departmental website. 

An online application has been created to facilitate the process of connecting students with the appropriate faculty research scientist(s) within the Department of Nutritional Sciences (NSCI). Copied below is the link to the undergraduate research application.  Before you begin to fill out the application, you will want to:  1) prepare a 1-page resume (word or pdf file), and 2) review the list of ongoing NSCI research to identify faculty working in the areas that most closely align with your interests.  A link to the faculty research areas is also provided below.

Faculty Research Areas: 

After completing the application, the information will be shared with the faculty within 2-3 weeks.  You may be contacted by one of the faculty members you have listed or another faculty within the department who has reviewed your application and is interested working with you.  Please realize the process of connecting you with faculty researchers can take some time and opportunities are based on the available opening.

OSU has set up the Undergraduate Research Network to help students learn about research opportunities. /


Learn about volunteer opportunities through the Service-Learning Volunteer Center at You may record your volunteer hours (individual and group) through CampusLink and develop a volunteer portfolio which will help you when you apply for dietetic internships.


You will receive communications from Carol Beier, the DPD Director, Mary Hammack, NSCI Sr. Administrative Support Specialist, your instructors, and adviser by e-mail. Be sure to read these and respond as needed. Flyers of interest to DPD students are also posted on the bulletin board outside of 301 HSCI, and information is posted in the D2L Community for the Didactic Program in Dietetics.


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Carol F. Beier, MS, RDN, LD
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Oklahoma State University
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313 Human Sciences (office address)
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