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Oklahoma State University

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Dr. Montgomery's lab

There are multiple ways for undergraduate students to seek out research opportunities with NSCI faculty.

Undergraduate students can independently approach faculty members about volunteer research opportunities. Information about the research conducted by Nutritional Sciences faculty is available on the departmental website.

                 Faculty Directory                                                                                   Faculty Research Areas

An online application has been created to facilitate the process of connecting students with the appropriate faculty research scientist(s) within thea Department of Nutritional Sciences (NSCI). Copied below is the link to the undergraduate reserch application.  Before you begin to fill out the application, you will want to make a list of your NSCI research interests and consider your laboratory experience.


After completing the application, the information will be shared with the faculty within 2-3 weeks.  You may be contacted by one of the faculty members you have listed or another faculty within the department who has reviewed your application and is interested working with you.  Please realize the process of connecting you with faculty researchers can take some time and opportunities are based on available openings.

Freshman Research Scholars

The Freshman Research Scholars program operates under the OSU Scholar Development Office and allows freshmen to conduct a research project under the mentorship of an NSCI researcher. Applications are due by February 1 before the students enter OSU as freshmen and are completed within the OSU Admissions application in the section called “Consider Research”.  Additional information is available here:

Wentz Research Grants and Niblack Research Scholars

Beyond the freshman year, students may identify a faculty mentor and apply to receive a Wentz Research Grant or to be recognized as a Niblack Research Scholar The Scholar Development Program at OSU is the primary resource for information about these research programs.