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Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station


Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station

The Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station (OAES) funds faculty researchers in three colleges at Oklahoma State University, including the College of Human Sciences, as well as research and outreach centers across the state.  This research supports Oklahoma’s agricultural and natural resource industries, as well as improving the quality of life of Oklahomans through human nutrition, health, human development and family resilience, consumer issues, and community development.

Each year, usually in September, the Research & Graduate Studies Office calls for pre-proposals from College of Human Sciences’ faculty for OAES funding to support small 2-year research projects.  Upon review by committee, the selected pre-proposals must be approved by the OAES Associate Director before being developed into full proposals.  Once the researcher develops the full proposal, it is sent out for external peer review.  Upon receipt of favorable external review, any necessary revisions are made and then the proposal is submitted to the OAES Associate Director for approval.  New projects typically begin in August.

Current and recent Human Sciences research projects funded by OAES: